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Free Shipping for Orders over $200

Terms of Service


(a) Guesso is a retailer of beauty & fashion products.

Doing retail through website GUESSO.COM is very special because it gives customers the comfort of having an easy and satisfied online shopping experience from the comfort of their home.

(b) and all of it's contents and services have been provided safe and securely since 2001.

(c) You have to agree and accept all of these terms and conditions for shopping at It is your responsibility to read and understand all of these terms and conditions.

(d) We try our best to ship your order within 7 days, but sometimes due to empty stock we are unable to ship your orders. We hope that you will fully understand a delay or partial shipment even if we mentioned to ship in 7 days on ordering page of our website, because there is sometimes a possibility of items suddenly running out of stock due to many or large orders. Please understand that 90% percent of our products are imported.

(e) We will ship what we have(For example, if you placed an order with 6 items and there are only 4 items available we will ship the 4 items that are available and credit you for the remanding items.



Due to increasing shipping rates by shipping companies. Our flat rate fee will increase to $9.99 for all domestic orders under $99. All orders $99 and over will maintain FREE SHIPPING. 


(b) Phone orders under $99.00 will be charged an extra $5.00 handling fee:
If you place an order over the phone, there will be an extra $5.00 aded to your order (orders under $99.00 only) because if you place order by phone, it makes confuse many things us with some missunderstand problem (Somebody say that I said correct but you wrote wrong and complaint too much even nobody know who did that mistake.) and it takes a lot of time for your phone order. --- But we welcome your call for any some questions.






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